Data Donation for activists and researchers

31 Dec 2021 By Tracking Exposed

When you enable Data Donation feature you agree to share with us the recommendations that YouTube shows to you, as well as the advertisements.

Here is why you should consider donating.

BigTech spies on you. Time to spy on them.

Despite their huge influence, YouTube’s algorithms are extremely opaque. YouTube does not give any analytics regarding the videos it promotes to billions of people. Data donation allows us to collectively expose the recommendation engine. We believe such transparency is essential to hold the company accountable to its users and content creators.

Fully Anonymised, and Private by Design.

The data you share is 100% anonymised. So much that even we cannot link the different data points you provide together. We use a cryptographic scheme called zero-knowledge database, which requires the private key of an individual in order to retreive their records. Your data is your data.

We analyse YouTube, not You.

We don’t collect or ask for any other data than the ones you decide to donate. We don’t even know your name or email. Though, by aggregating the observations of all the donors from the YouChoose community, we are able to build unique analytics about the algorithm’s behavior.

Give back to Content Creators.

Content Creators suffer the most from the algorithm’s opacity. The YouTubers you watch will be able to better understand their algoritmic treatement when you enable data donations. Each content creator has a personnal YouChoose dashboard, which tells them the channels and ads that are most frequently promoted on their videos.

Data Activism to Defend your Digital Rights.

The data you contribute is also used by researchers to study the algorithm, and to help inform regulators on a variety of subjects, ranging from individual privacy to censorship and that can ultimately lead to better laws that protect you.

We are a non-profit operating for the public interest, we are not making money off data.