Studio for Content Creators

04 Jan 2021 By Tracking Exposed

This is the place where content creators store recommendations and access their analytics.

At YouChoose, we call this recommendations GEMS. There are URLs from all over the Internet. Finally you are able to share those precious links hidden in the middle of video description.


Let’s get into the nitty gritty and start recommending GEMS to your fellow viewers. You have two ways to go.

screenshot from the webapp

Internet Gem Collection

Collect and upload links to your Internet Gem Collection. Edit title and description to make them your own.
Each link will be randomly shuffled and be recommended beside your videos. This is just like a gem box. Keep track of your collection and continue growing it. However we understand you are not a gem collector or maybe you want to be picky.


Every video is unique and deserves its own inspirational and high quality gems. Add gems one video at a time. Edit title and description to make them your own. If you are afraid your video got lost into the depth of YouTube, adding new recommendations will bring it back to life.


YouTube algorithm is opaque, so let’s discover what’s happening on the other side. Thanks to data donation we are able to compute statistics on how YouTube algorithm treats your content.